Friday, May 2, 2014

Progress Report

Top 'o the month to you! It's time to update the progress bars. Okay, so it's actually the second day of the month, but close enough, right?

So . . . it looks like the book that saw the most action in the month of April was An Elemental Earth, going from 14477 words to 18261 words. On the one hand this makes sense 'cause I'm serializing it, so that means I'm adding a couple of pages to it each week. But on the other hand, it's a sad testament to the amount I've been writing lately because there's seven days in a week and usually only one of them is needed for Earth.

I don't know why this story seems to be giving me a hissy fit. I go from thinking the story's going too fast to it's dragging too slowly, all in the space of a single scene. Granted some of the things that are supposed to happen happened sooner than expected, like . . . Zephryn finding out that Chloe hasn't undergone her tespiro, and him telling her about it . . . and that makes me think the whole thing is going too fast, but there's lots of stuff that needs to happen yet, and most of it will take a few chapters to develop.

Now, if I can just make up my mind about the climactic scene . . .

It was nice to see some progress on Lucky Dog finally. Okay, so it was only 824 words, but it's still progress! But what's not reflected on the progress bar is the notes I've made for it. While poor Jessica is on her way back to Ghren thanks to the witchguard, Sebastian and his old friend (and Jessica's new one) Dominick are hurrying to her rescue. Meanwhile, I've figured out a couple of major scenes towards the end. AND I came up with a plausible explanation for Howard's disappearance at the end of the next book, Wandering Wizards, and why Sebastian parts company with them temporarily at the end of this one.

I really, really want to get past Jessica's rescue and what happens to Dominic and then her confrontation with Ewan again. But I refuse to skip ahead in the writing. Been there, done that, and it's never a pretty sight. So I'm just going to have to use it as my incentive to get writing. :-)

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