Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Getting Better

Just as I was finally getting my writing mojo back, I got sick. Dag nabbit! I got a few words done on Lucky Dog on Friday, but ran out of time. Oh, well. There's always the weekend, right? Wrong. I was so sick on the weekend I couldn't even read, let alone write.

Even though my overall wordage was down last week, I still think things are getting better because I'm venturing beyond just blog posts and my serial. Although I didn't get as much done on Lucky Dog as I would have liked, I did do something, and that included deleting 87 words.

I also did a bunch of poetry, which totally took me by surprise. I was transferring notes that I had scatter through various notebooks and scraps of paper into a single book for writing stuff and a separate one for poetry, and found some notes about some poems I'd intended on writing, so I sat down and wrote them.

Thursday I went to lunch with a writing buddy and we took our notebooks (the paper kind, not the electronic kind) with us. The idea was to try and get some writing done in long hand. Well, it worked for her, but I spent more time staring off into space than anything else. And of course just when I finally got working on my story, it was time for lunch. I never did get back to that story, but it's been in my mind ever since.

I actually enjoy writing long hand. After all, that's how I got started writing in the first place. I write my journal in long hand, and my poetry (although I type my poems on the computer when I'm done). And pen and paper are so much easier (and lighter) than a lap top if you want to write somewhere other than the comfort of your own home. I say pen, but actually I use pencil when I'm composing (usually). So I'll probably try writing in a notebook again, maybe somewhere a little quieter. And we'll see what happens.


BLOG POSTS (not counting this one) Now here's something interesting. I did three posts over on this blog last week, and yet my overall total for Blog Posts is 200 words less. Go figure. Guess I just didn't have as much to say. But I guarantee next week's totals will be higher - I have a lot to say on tomorrow's Wildcard post, and I've doing a bunch of reading lately so the Friday post should be wordier too.

2751 words


Time spent editing last week was zero. :-)


See? I shouldn't have complained last week. I have no new ideas to report.

For a new category, this one sure has been seeing lots of action lately. But like I said in yesterday's post, don't expect to see this on a regular basis. Poetry is fine when it comes spontaneously, but I'm not going to try and force it.

517 words

Last week's installment of Earth was a real struggle, so it was shorter by about 200 words. I don't know why this story is giving me such hissy fits. It's not like it's my first serial. But things just aren't progressing the way I've envisioned - some things are going faster, some slower. And some in the wrong order. *sigh* And with Lucky Dog, the spirit is willing but the hands want to skip ahead to the good stuff. Not that it's not all good stuff, but there's a couple of events that happen near the end and I want to skip ahead to them. But skipping is very, very bad and leads to plot holes and such.

An Elemental Earth - 979
Lucky Dog - 198
Forever and For Always - 0

Total New Words - 1177

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