Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Purrfectly Dumb Idea

Even though my granddaughter is a month shy of her first birthday, she's really into books. On the one hand, this makes me very proud. But on the other hand, she'll pick one or two favourites and I get to read them over and over and over and over. I've got the book, You're Purrfect to Me, by Sandra Magsamen, memorized. It has cat ears. :-D

Well ... rats. I was trying to insert a picture of the book here, but Blogger's being a jerk today.

Here's a link to the book itself: You're Purrfect to Me. If you're around a toddler at all, I highly recommend it. My granddaughter especially loves it when I roll the r's in purrfect. ;-)

Taking a look at some of these board books you'd think there'd be nothing to writing them, but you'd be wrong. Don't believe me? Give it a shot. Seriously!

About this time last year, a friend and I went to a Christmas bazaar where I found this cute little Christmas ornament that looked like a hedgehog. And then I got a brilliant idea - wouldn't it be neat to buy a different ornament each year and write a story about it to give to my (as yet unborn) grandchild? I'm a writer, after all. How hard could it be?

Plenty hard, as it turns out.

I've got this hedgehog, and it looks like a girl hedgehog because she's dressed kind of matronly and in Christmas fabric. Obviously, I need a Christmas themed story, but other than that I'm drawing a blank. Normally I write science fiction, fantasy, and romance - I'm a little out of my depth here.

She needs a name. She needs a purpose. She needs to do something other than sit there collecting dust on my shelf.

Wish me luck.