Monday, May 5, 2014

Pour It Forth

So apparently that little poem I wrote a week ago was like turning on a spigot. Today I sat down and wrote five of them! Now granted, a couple of them were works in progress, but still. That's a pretty good haul considering the creative slump I've been in lately.

I'm only going to share two of them today 'cause they all turned out a little on the depressing side, but sometimes that's just the way the words come out. And don't expect me to be posting a poem every week. Been there, done that, and what it does is turns the poetry into a chore. It went from something I enjoyed, to something I struggled with, to something I loathed. And that was probably a good part of the reason I've been absent from poetry so long. So like everything else on this blog, expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to posting. :-)

Black and Silver

I used to have a silver pen
to use to write in a book
a black book
a journal book
a journey book
the journey of a small part
of my life
of my thoughts
of my dreams . . .
the sense of living
of having lived.
In this book I wrote:
"A moment in time
caught like a fly in amber."
The rest of the pages are black
the rest of the pages are blank
and I wonder
whatever happened to that pen?
whatever happened to my life?

C.R. Ward 05/05/2014


You do not know me
and yet you judge me
you form your opinion
without knowing the facts.

I'm the woman in the corner
sipping her latte
wearing long sleeves
to hide her shattered dreams.

I'm the man whose hand trembles
ever so slightly
as he reaches for his coffee
wishing it was something else.

I'm the life of the party
everyone's darling
hiding the emptiness
behind a cheerful facade.

I'm the girl in the corner
alone with her book
the words her armour
to keep the world at bay.

I'm the fat girl in high school
I'm the boy with the acne
I'm the man with the ragged coat
I'm the woman with scars.

I'm the blind man with the tin cup
I'm the woman sleeping in the alley
I'm the kid on the skateboard
I'm man playing sax in the subway.

I speak and my words fly away
you listen, but you do not hear.
You do not know me
yet you judge me

C.R. Ward 05/05/2014

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