Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Excuses, Excuses

Well, actually I don't have any excuses for not getting lots of words in over the past week, other than I was just busy doing other stuff instead, and a lot of what I was writing was of the email persuasion. I caught up on some of my outstanding correspondence to the tune of about 6,000 words in emails. Or more to the point, electronic letters, which are like snail mail letters only longer. I tend to write long letters, whether they're snail mail or electronic mail. Ask anyone who's ever been on the receiving end of one. :-)

So whose idea was it that email words didn't count??

Anyway, last week was a bit of a dry spell as far as proper writing went. The spirit was willing but the body just couldn't find the time. One of the days I'd designated for writing got spent doing taxes instead. Yes, the whole day, because I was doing taxes for four of us - apparently I'm the only one who knows how to plug numbers into the tax program. And the other day I'd set aside for writing got spent being the family taxi service.

What can I say? Life happens.

So needless to say, while my list-making thing is working on the whole, as far as my writing goes, nothing has really changed. Part of the problem with writing all those emails is that I write slowly when I'm writing an email.

Okay, maybe it's not the writing that's slow, maybe it's the thinking about what I want to say. Or the staring off into space and getting distracted by the music I have on the CD player. Or the view outside the window that's right in front of me. Or the checking of other emails. Or Facebook. Or -- squirrel!


BLOG POSTS (not counting this one)
Not only did I get all my blog posts done on my main blog, I even got one done here, too. Just scroll down a bit and you can see my poetry post. :-)

2950 words


Time spent editing last week was zero. :-)

You know, I hate to complain lest I drive all ideas away, but I really wish I'd stop getting new ideas sometimes. I like them and all, but they can be very distracting. Fortunately, I only had the one worth writing down.

239 words

New category alert! To be honest, I haven't written a poem in so long that I didn't even thing to include this. Which just goes to show, you never know what the muse may hit you over the head with. :-)

105 words


An Elemental Earth - 1189
Lucky Dog - 0
Forever and For Always - 0

Total New Words - 1189

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