Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One More Time!

So . . . I may have mentioned when I created this blog that this is a work in progress. And while I've made a few little changes over the last several weeks, I have to admit this has been a somewhat neglected blog. The time has come to fish or cut bait. Or as my mother would have said, pee or get off the pot. :-)

To that end, the first change you will notice right off the bat (or maybe not if this is your first visit here) is the background. While the Old English text in the background was very writerly, it made it hard to read the side bar. At least it did for me. So I've changed it. I tried a bunch of different images in the background, but it just looked way too busy. So right now it's pretty much the same as my main blog, which I think works for the whole continuity thing.

But hey, did you notice the tabs at the top that will take you places? You have no idea what I had to go through to get those tabs up there. LOL Now you can move back and forth between this blog and my main blog at will. The links page for my Writerly Advice page is the same as it is on my main blog, and as yet I have not mastered the art of having these links open up into a page of their own, so for now if you want to check them out you'll have to press the back button in your browser to return to the list.

The other big change here will be the general usage(for lack of a better term) of this blog. As far as keeping track of my progress goes this has been kind of a bust. The intentions were good, but the progress has been dismal. Hopefully this will pick up in the near future, but I've been going through a bit of a dry spell lately, which makes the whole point of this blog a little moot.

So more changes. The Manifesto stays. However, I'm not going to update my progress bars in blog posts any more. What I'll do instead is update them in the side bar on the first of each month. And while I'm still not going to create a schedule, I will still be talking about how my writing has been going. Sort of like a sporadic writing journal.

I will try to post something at least once or twice a week, even if it's just a link to something of interest to other writers. Like . . . this excellent advice from Chuck Wendig. I'll warn you that the language is somewhat graphic, but he gets his point across. If you want to write a novel but are having trouble getting started, read this.

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