Monday, September 10, 2018

Getting Up Again

Words from sprints:
Magic II -1,815
Untimed words added:
Wandering Wizards – 1,191
Total New words:

6:47 hours on Wandering Wizards

As you can see, I kind of fell off the wagon a bit last week. I started out strong, but then about Wednesday it started falling apart. From Thursday on the only words that got added were during editing. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time for a word sprint or two, it’s that I needed to edit what I already had so I could figure out what to add.

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but the editing process is not a great way to judge how many new words are getting added to a WIP. The untimed words for WW were uploaded from my Neo in two chunks, but I deleted almost as much as I added when I edited them into what I already had, giving me a plus of about 78 words when the editing dust settled.

I was so focused on WW that Magic II kind of fell by the wayside. A couple of weeks ago I had a great idea for when my main characters meet in real life towards the end of the book so I wrote it out (that was the 2,000 extra words I wrote in one, untimed session) and I’ve been alternating added to it and continuing on from the beginning. I suspect I’m going to end up meeting myself in the middle somewhere, and won’t that be a mess?

In any case, I set aside some time on Sunday to work on the edits for Magic II, but before I could settle down to it life reared its ugly head. I went to make the salads for supper (okay, Friday when it was still hot out I promised the daughter, who comes with her hubby and the grandbaby for dinner every Sunday, that we could have BBQ sausages, potato salad, and mac salad, and just because the weather turned insanely cold I saw no reason to change the menu) I discovered the two bags of tomatoes my neighbour brought me that needed to be dealt with.

I don’t wish to appear ungrateful, but these tomatoes ranged in size from golf ball to walnut, and I’m not sure they were worth the trouble. I had to skin them and de-seed them, and I can’t vouch for how ripe they actually were. Between the skins, seeds, and hard centers, I probably threw out as much as I saved. But in any case, that’s what happened to my editing time yesterday.

Today my priority is get Magic II edited so I can see where I’m at, and hopefully start sprinting ahead with it again. Wandering Wizards is ready to have another section of old stuff added to it, after which I’ll edit that to the point where I can add some new stuff. It’s been a rocky road for Jessica and Dominic, and although I think they’ve pretty much dealt with their personal issues, there’s still plenty of trouble in store for them.

My current theme song (chosen mainly for the first couple of lines):

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