Monday, October 30, 2017

Counting Down

Short Fiction - 424
Long Fiction - ?
Poetry - 121+
Total Words - unknown
Editing Hours - 0
Paragraphs of Notes - ?

Last week was one messed up week. As you can see, I have no real idea what my word count was. I know my cat story was a measly 424 words, but that’s about it. I plugged away at Wandering Wizards, a bit here and a bit there, but didn’t keep track. I wrote a cute little veggie poem for the Brazen Snake Books prompt and then started working on a poetry form for this week and again, didn’t keep track of the words.

I got a little work done on the office but not as much as I would have liked. At least I’ll be able to sit at my desk to write for NaNo, although it’s probably going to take me until the end of November to get all my stuff squared away.

I have to say I wasted far more time than I’d like to admit to on Sunday playing around with pictures and banners for my blogs and my author’s page on Facebook. Of course I was also watching the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix, but only the first four episodes. Okay, six episodes - I watched two in the evening as well. ;-)

I suspect the mess in the office will get bigger before it gets smaller. I find that the older I get the more anal I am about being organized, so I don’t want to just throw things back together, I want some order to the chaos. I have a lot of office supplies - pens, notebooks, stick notes, notebooks, decorative paper (for letters and poetry), notebooks - which are scattered between two rooms and a cabinet. I really need to take stock of what I’ve got and maybe even gasp get rid of some.

I will be introducing a new poetry form on Wednesday, it being the first of the month, but I won’t be doing the picture prompt of the month on Friday. I mean seriously, who has the time? I was able to churn my cat story out pretty quickly, but I’ve been known to spend days, if not weeks, on a flash story, and that just ain’t gonna happen in November.

Tomorrow night while people are up late going through their kids’ candy looking for anything suspicious (and maybe stealing a bite or two), I’ll be waiting for the witching hour, hands poised over my lap top, ready to start writing. As will thousands of writers all over the world. Maybe even you!

At least I’ll be in good company. :-D

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