Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Time For A Breather

You know, I meant to write this post for Sunday, honest I did. I was going to congratulate everyone who completed the A to Z Challenge with me and thank everyone who found their way to my blog and left comments. And then I was going to come up with something intelligent and witty to talk about ...

But I was tired, and it was a busy weekend. Although I do have plans to be more active on this blog, I’m taking a break this week. I did finish going through the blog list, and the faster I went the fewer comments I left, which was kind of ridiculous because unless you leave a comment the only person who knows you’ve been to a blog is yourself.

And I have a bunch of blogs I’ve book marked and I’d like to visit back to them over the week. If I’d been thinking at the time, I should have just signed up for the posts to be sent to me via email, if the option was available. Never fear, I’ll be doing that on the re-visits.

IF I do this next year (oh, who am I kidding, this was too much fun not to), I’m going to keep track of some of my stats. Things like how many blogs visited, how many I commented on, the kinds of blogs participating ... For the most part there was a nice variety, but around the 1000 mark there was a whole slue of cooking blogs. And there were also a handful of blogs where it appeared that the person signed up early in the year, forgot they had, and signed up again closer to the actual start of the challenge.

As I stated in the beginning, one of the reasons I did this was to give my writing a boost or a kick in the pants or whatever, and in that I succeeded. I’m slowly getting back into my writing/editing. And I’ve got plans in the works for posting more often to both my blogs. Two posts a week to each blog. I just have to work it into my routine, which I’ve been struggling with a lot lately.

One of the things I’m going to start doing is a weekly progress report. I did one for a while on a different blog and it encouraged me to make more of an effort with my writing. Let’s face it, you don’t want to have to report zeros each week, right? I haven’t quite decided whether these updates are going to take place on Sundays or Mondays yet, I’m leaning towards Sunday because I already do a Monday post on my other blog.

I’m also going to pick a day to do something fun, but I haven’t decided what or when yet. Guess you’ll just have to come back to find out. ;-)

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