Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hello and Welcome!

So . . . you may be wondering why the woman who took over a year to decide which of her two blogs to abandon suddenly creates a whole new blog. It's a fair question.

Here's the thing. When I revamped my main blog and created new pages for it, I had a page for Current Projects. At the writing of this post I still have that page. At any rate, I was going to use it for updating my progress on my current writing/editing projects.

Well . . . first of all, I was supposed to update it once a week. That was a major fail, I've only updated it twice in the last month. And then I noticed my updates looked more like blog posts. The problem with that is because it's a page you're just adding to it and it turns into one incredibly long blog post. So I figured I'd have to either stop talking so much, or move my chattiness elsewhere.

Now. I could have just given the blog I abandoned a face-lift and used it, but I decided to start fresh. So here I am. :-)

One of the cool features of blogger is that you can link a page to a web address . . . as in a new blog. So that's what I did here. It's a stand alone blog, but I have a link to it on my regular blog. Cool, eh? Now all I have to do is decide whether I'm going to keep the page I created for Current Projects and just update the progress bars once a week as I'd originally intended, or delete it altogether and just keep the link to this page.

Now the incredible Jamie DeBree has a site where she shares her Writer's Notes and you really should got take a look. What I find so inspiring about them is the amount of writing she gets done in such teeny tiny snippets of time. Don't be expecting such inspiration here. LOL

Here's what you will and will not see on this blog:

I will not be sticking to a schedule, just updating as the spirit moves me.
I will not be sharing the length of time my writing sessions are.
I will be showing progress bars on my current projects.
I will be talking about said projects.
I will be talking honestly about how the writing's going.

And that's pretty much it. I'll probably get the first post up later this week, 'cause right now I have to finish my post for tomorrow for the other blog. ;-)

Oh! And don't be surprised to see colours, gadgets, etc. coming and going while I settle on the fonts and backgrounds for this blog.

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